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We spent a great deal of time researching and comparing the merits and offers of our competitors to come up with a perfect, flat-rate, quick turnaround, service-based logo design package, guaranteed to arouse the interest of the most astute business minds. We feel our HK$4999 package, including unlimited logo design concepts and unlimited revisions, more than meets our objective. It certainly out-classes our competitors!

Take a look below and discover for yourself.
Features & Offers Major Competitor Local Designer LogoCare
Logo concepts 4 4 Unlimited
Revision rounds 2 2 Unlimited
Designers 3 (freelancer) 1 (in-house) 5 (in-house)
Turnaround 1-3 days 7-15 days 1-3 days
Project manager assigned to
every project
Simple flat-rate x x
Copyright + All files format x
PACKAGE COST US$599 HK$10000 HK$4999
But what's a great package without exceptional customer service? LogoCare not only offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective logo design package but also includes marketing expertise and first-class design. LogoCare's HK$4999 logo design package easily beats its rivals in value for money and commitment to client service!