Creating Your Mascot
LogoCare can deliver the perfect mascot in only three working days. The process from start to finish is made in five easy steps. Clients can be kept up-to-date about their projects by contacting their dedicated project manager or logging into LogoCare’s Project Central.
Step 1
Our clients are introduced to their dedicated project manager, and together they discuss the details of the project. Only the client knows his/her market and what sort of mascot they want. Our manager is a marketing expert and they know how to capture the ideas and deliver them in a mascot.
Step 2
The manager and illustrator/s work with the concept and present the client with some preliminary mock-ups of how the mascot might look. At this stage the focus is on style and projecting the right image.
Step 3
The illustrator, while also adding detail to the design, implements any major changes the client needs. This stage is repeated until the client is completely satisfied with the mascot created.
Step 4
The finishing touches are put to the mascot including coloring and shading if required. It is at this stage that the mascot comes alive, and the earlier groundwork really evolves into the perfect representative for your organization.
Step 5
Final delivery. The mascot is delivered in multi-formats so you can prepare your new representative for billboards, websites, newsletter, brochures etc. Our focus is to give you a mascot you can use anywhere, anytime.